Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A magic power natural ingredient to redouble your income!

Dear lady or gentlemen,


It's really excited that know that you are interest in our product, here is Grace from Sunshine Bio-Tech company, who can manufacture a NEW and HOT SALE natural ingredient: Broccoli Extract 0.1%-98% Sulforaphane.

To make the story short, please check our products good functions and advantages in following:

*** the most effect anti-cancer and antioxidant ingredients from vegetable(Broccoli seeds).

***Adjust the outermost layers of the immune system-skin, enhance the immune power.

*** Making 100% real Sulforaphane from broccoli seeds,

While other manufacturer only can achieve 80% maximum at present.

*** with 95% market share of Sulforaphane in our domestic market, price is best.

This ingredient could applied for food, cosmetic, health care industry...

We are manufacture of this product, so please rest sure that we could help you save a lot of cost and that powerful ingredient will bring lots benefit to you! if you want more details or sample, please contact with us, we also welcome you to visit our factory!


Waiting for your early reply!


Best regards

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