Thursday, August 31, 2017

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Ray-ban pays special attention to the design and detail processing of each model.
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Rayban sunglasses Aviator Erika Justin
Design DNA, CLUBMASTER, CLASSIC - RB3016, Ray-Ban, Clubmaster,  Classic, sunglasses, retro, eternal. Inspired by the 50s, the impeccable  Clubmaster Classic sunglasses have been a favorite among intellectuals in  the cultural circle who are leading the trend of the future. The iconic  Clubmaster Classic sunglasses are available in black or brown frames and  are matched with crystal green lenses.
Ray-Ban CLUBMASTER RB3016 114519 Ray-Ban CLUBMASTER RB3016 114530
Ray-Ban AVIATOR RB3026 3N ll W3277 62-14 3N Ray-Ban AVIATOR RB3025 001/58 58-14 3P
Wearing Ray-Ban RB3016, Clubmaster, Classic sunglasses, always express my true personality.
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