Thursday, December 1, 2016

Recipes That Detox The Body

It is much easier to stick to a detox diet if you have good recipes to make meals more enjoyable. Detox recipes are meant to provide easily digestible food. They can help you get through some tough times in the diet and also give you energy. There are many recipes that help detox the body such as certain soups and juices. Adjust these recipes for taste and what your specific detox plan allows

Raw Soup
Raw Soup will not only provide energy but it can easily be adjusted with various spices or by replacing the lemon or lime juice.


two scallions
half red or green pepper

A cucumber
Two handfuls spinach

Half a clove garlic
Bragg Liquid Aminos (liquid protein)

3.5 grams of light vegetable bullion without yeast
Juice of one lime or lemon

coriander parsley or cumin (optional to taste preference)

To make soup first mixing avocado and vegetable bullion in blender. Add the remaining ingredients and mix. Serve cold.
Warm broccoli soup

Most foods during a detox diet is cold. So Warm Broccoli Soup is a nice change.

Six to eight medium to large size heads of broccoli
Half an avocado

A third of a red onion
A celery stalk

A large handful of spinach
an inch of ginger root

Bragg Liquid Amino (optional)
Cumin (optional)

Garlic (optional)
Pepper (optional)

Sea salt or vegetable salt (optional)

To make this soup steam the broccoli for five to six minutes. Add it in the blender with avocado red onion celery spinach and ginger. You can also add any of the optional ingredients mentioned above.
Healing Detox Juice

Three to four carrots
4.25 grams of fresh spinach

A handful of flat-leaf parsley
Two or three sticks celery

Add carrots to juices followed by spinach parsley and celery. Be sure to juice celery past. You can add water to this juice if you choose. c0tBTXVli5

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